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Contract review, signing progress inquiry

Contract type Contract review number IRB number Prinicipal Investigator Name of the CRO Name of the Sponsor
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108025 KMUHIRB-F(II)-20200088 Ming- Lung Yu Taiwan Syneos Health Company Limited Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108020 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20200020 Yi-Wen Chiu Novotech Clinical Research Taiwan PTY LTD. PT Kalbe Genexine Biologics
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108019 KMUHIRB-F(II)-20200062 Wan-Long Chuang Pharmaceutical Research Associates Taiwan Inc. Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108018 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20200032 WANG,JAW-YUAN IQVIA RDS Taiwan Ltd. Guangzhou LintonPharm Co., Ltd.
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108017 Tsung-Hsien Lin Servier(S) Pte Ltd.
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108024 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20200074 Hui-Hua Hsiao Parexel International Co., Ltd. UCB Biopharma SRL
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108027 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20200090 I-Chen Wu IQVIA RDS Taiwan Ltd. Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108026 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20200112 Hui-Hua Hsiao Taiwan Syneos Health Company Limited ReViral Ltd.
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108022 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20200064 Hui-Hua Hsiao Medpace Taiwan Limited PharmaEssentia Corporation
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108021 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20200039 Yuh-Jyh Jong IQVIA RDS Taiwan Ltd. Biogen Idec Research Limited

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