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Contract review, signing progress inquiry

Contract type Contract review number IRB number Prinicipal Investigator Name of the CRO Name of the Sponsor
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C109002 Tsung-Hsien Lin Formosa Biomedical Technology Corporation
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108031 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20200096 yen hsu chen WXT Clinical Ltd. Cidara Therapeutics, Inc.
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108030 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20200126 Jen-Yu Hung NA Opthea Ltd.
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108029 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20200095 Wan-Long Chuang Parexel International Co., Ltd. Vaccitech (UK) Limited
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C109003 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20200164 Shu-Pin Huang IQVIA RDS Taiwan Ltd. Incyte Corporation
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C109001 KMUHIRB-F(II)-20200198 Shu-Pin Huang Bayer Taiwan Co., Ltd.
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108035 KMUHIRB-F(II)-20200178 Wan-Long Chuang Taiwan Syneos Health Company Limited Assembly Biosciences, Inc.
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108034 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20200109 Wan-Long Chuang PPD Development (HK) Limited GlaxoSmithKline Research & Development Limited
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108033 KMUHIRB-F(II)-20200103 WANG,JAW-YUAN Parexel International Co., Ltd. Boehringer Ingelheim Taiwan Ltd.
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C108032 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20200123 Jen-Yu Hung IQVIA RDS Taiwan Ltd. F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

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