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Contract review, signing progress inquiry

Contract type Contract review number IRB number Prinicipal Investigator Name of the CRO Name of the Sponsor
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract KMUHIRB-F(I)-20220109 WANG,JAW-YUAN
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract KMUHIRB-F(II)-20220095 Li-Tzong Chen
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract KMUHIRB-F(II)-20220028 I-Chen Wu
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract KMUHIRB-F(I)-20210194 Shyh-Shin Chiou
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract KMUHIRB-F(I)-20210090 Li-Tzong Chen
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C107030 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20190096 Ming-Feng Hou 京都乳癌研究網絡
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C107028 KMUHIRB-F(II)-20190100 Tsung-Hsien Lin IQVIA RDS Taiwan Ltd. Amgen Asia Holding Limited
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C107025 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20190103 Yuh-Jyh Jong Taiwan Syneos Health Company Limited Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc.
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C107021 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20190090 Chau-Chyun Sheu Medpace Taiwan Limited Entasis Therapeutics
A.Sponsor/CRO Contract C107017 KMUHIRB-F(I)-20190105 Wen-Jeng Wu NA Johnson & Johnson Taiwan Ltd.

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